Do you have a bad habit of dropping your phone? You’re not alone—drops are one of the most common causes of smartphone damage. Most of the time, a phone slips through your fingers because you can’t get a good grip on it. Perhaps you don’t have a case on it or the case that you chose is made out of a slick and slippery material. Either way, it’s important to learn how you can get a better grip on your phone so you can prevent further damage. Here are a few of the best ways to keep your phone safely in your hands:

Choose the Right Cell Phone Case

It may be tempting, but don’t choose a cell phone case based on looks alone.… Read More

Cell phone cases were created to protect your smartphone from damage, but let’s face it, many people treat their case as a fashion accessory. If you prioritize fashion over function, it may be difficult to find the perfect case since there are hundreds of different options. But, you’re in luck! We’ve rounded up a list of the most fashionable cell phone cases for your iPhone:

Hearts Full of Flowers Case

There are countless cell phone cases that feature flower designs, but none that are quite as elegant and sophisticated as this Hearts Full of Flowers case. This case has a clean white design with a delicate heart that is made out of small pink flowers in the center.… Read More

A new smartphone can cost hundreds of dollars, and if you accidentally damage it, you may have to spend more on repairing or replacing it. For this reason, it’s in your best interest to invest in the accessories that you need to protect your investment. Which accessories should you buy? Here are some of the items that offer the most protection:

Cell Phone Case

Cell phone cases are designed to protect your phone, so this is the first accessory that you need to purchase. There are thousands of different cell phone cases available, so it’s important to understand which one you will need to protect your investment.… Read More

Cell phone cases that have rhinestones and other embellishments are incredibly popular. These cases are sparkly, glamorous, and eye-catching, that is, until the rhinestones slowly begin to fall off one by one. How can you protect the rhinestones on your cell phone case? Here are a few tricks that you should try:

Mod Podge

Mod Podge is a quick-drying decoupage glue, sealer, and finish that is sold at craft stores. Although this product is typically used in kids’ crafts projects, it’s can also be used to prevent rhinestones from falling off of your cell phone case.

To apply Mod Podge, it’s recommended that you use a soft, clean makeup sponge.… Read More

There are many different types of cell phone cases, including soft plastic, hard plastic, silicone, leather, and of course, hybrid cases. A hybrid case is a cell phone case with a hard plastic shell and a soft plastic interior. The hard plastic is designed to absorb shock when your phone falls, while the soft plastic is supposed to cradle the phone and protect it. Together, these two materials offer more protection than any other type of phone case. If you drop your phone while it’s in a hybrid case, it’s very likely that the phone won’t crack or break.

But, a hybrid cell phone is not right for everyone.… Read More

Believe it or not, summer is almost over and it’s almost time for kids to start heading back to school. Parents and kids typically end up buying notebooks, pencils, pens, and other school supplies during this time of year, but what about cell phone accessories? There are a number of different cell phone accessories that are essential for the school season, regardless of how old you are or how far along you are in school. Before you start back-to-school shopping, make sure you add these items to your list:

Cell Phone Case

The most important cell phone accessory is a case.… Read More

When you think of a cell phone case, the image of a hard or soft plastic case may come to mind. Plastic is by far the most popular type of cell phone case material, but it’s not the only one. If you’re looking for a new cell phone case, you may want to explore other materials, especially leather.

Different Types of Leather

There are three types of leather that are typically used to create cell phone cases, including aniline, semi-aniline, and pigmented leather. Aniline leather is manufactured using soluble dyes. The finished product will have the same texture as the animal’s natural skin with visible lines and pores.… Read More

A few years ago, Samsung introduced the Galaxy Note Edge, which featured a screen with curved edges. Smartphones have evolved since the release of the Galaxy Note Edge, and so have the their screens. The newest Samsung smartphone was released earlier this year and features an infinity screen, which means the touchscreen runs all the way to the edges of the phone. This sleek design allows manufacturers to create products with bigger screens without having to increase the overall size of the device.

If you have a smartphone with an infinity screen, it’s recommended that you buy a cell phone case to protect your device as soon as possible.… Read More

A cell phone case is designed to protect your phone, but many people view cell phone cases as more of a fashion accessory than a functional item. If you want to create a bold statement about your personal style, look for a bright and colorful cell phone case for your iPhone 7. Here are some of our favorite cases that are sure to turn heads:

I Love You & Gold Hearts Quicksand Glitter

Spread your love with this colorful “I love you” cell phone case designed with extra fine glitter and specks of floating hearts and stars. Turn the phone in different directions to watch the shimmery glitter fall at different angles across the “I love you” text.… Read More

Cell phone cases have always been considered a tech accessory, but according to the Wall Street Journal, cell phone cases have slowly evolved into a must-have fashion accessory. In an article written by Meenal Mistry, a journalist at the Wall Street Journal, cell phone cases were referred to as a “crucial part of a fashionable ensemble.”

Why are cell phone cases suddenly the must-have fashion accessory? Here are some of the reasons why cases are taking the fashion industry—and the rest of the world—by storm:

Visible At All Times

In today’s world, most people walk around with their cell phones permanently glued to their hands.… Read More