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Loyalty Discount Program

Creating an account is optional but worth it! Once you register with an online account, you automatically gain points with your first online order. Then as your spend level increases so does your loyalty discount. We add up the totals of all your orders placed online, minus freight, for the past year, and that value dictates your discount level. Here is the how it works:

  • Platinum: 500 points: receive a 15% discount
  • Gold: 200 points: receive a 10% discount
  • Silver: 100 points: receive a 7% discount
  • Bronze: 50 points: receive a 5% discount

Continue ordering online from CellPhoneCases.com, and your points will add up. It's that easy! We look forward to serving your needs for a long time.

Loyalty Discount Points are gained when you place your order online and your order has been marked as completed.